West Fest

I recently upgraded from a Canon 5D Mark II to a Sony A7s. A big change in many ways, ergonomically, technically and how the basics are executed. I took a a few pics last weekend during the independent retail weekend fest in Didsbury, Manchester. Superb music and even better food! Below is a description of the event (taken from the west fest website, link provided).

WestFest is a celebration of our independent businesses in West Didsbury who operate from Burton Road, Lapwing Lane and Nell Lane. As such, it’s not the kind of festival where pitches or stalls are rented out – whilst we do whole heartedly support independent enterprise, on this occasion, our first priority is the businesses who operate from bricks and mortar premises in our West Didsbury community. We do realise that other traders may wish to be part of the festival, but we are sure that you will understand the ethos behind WestFest and accept our decision.