Creating My Videography Ident

With the different types of work that I create or collaborate on, I haven't had a clear identifying logo or sign that it was something from myself. So I decided to create an identifier (ident) that signals and bookends the videos that I produce. I wanted something clean, easily to adapt for different formats and resolutions, and I also wanted it to look nice (I hope you think so).

I'll be honest with you, I purchased a Adobe After Effects template to achieve this, simply because I didn't have the time when I wanted this done. It was a complete project which I manipulated (fonts, my own logo, you get the idea) and it a while for me to be happy with it.

The feedback has been positive from friends and via the Instagram post I put up recently. It has been a long time coming and it was time that I made this. It's pretty much going to be on everything that I produce now under my name. - AB